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Kairos Afrika is a Ghanaian company with a highly experienced leadership team in the Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) industry. We employ cutting-edge technologies to provide solutions such as Bulk SMS Aggregation, SMS Short code Aggregation, USSD Aggregation, Mobile Money and related ICT services to clients in various sectors.


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Whatever your line of business, you need an ongoing relationship with your clients. Whatever the size of your business, that relationship must never ever wane. When last did they hear from you? Call Kairos Afrika for help today.

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Technology can do much more for you than was ever previously imagined. Let Kairos Afrika show you how.

Making technology more effective does not always mean spending more. Talk to us today and make the best of what you can afford.

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Bulk SMS is a technology that allows you to send messages to large numbers of recipients in one process at a fraction of the normal cost.

Personalized Bulk SMS is even better; you can refer to each person as if he were the ONLY recipient.

Kairos Afrika does not sell your customer’s phone numbers to third parties. This is part of our Terms of Use agreement with you.

Once you register, on your dashboard you will have the opportunity to request a Sender ID of your choice. Once your chosen ID doesn’t conflict with reserved IDs, you will get an approval within 24 hours.

A phone number, an email address and your desired username are all you need. So go ahead and click the SignUp button on our home page

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